Jessica Bachus
Founder and Executive Director

I’m Jessica Bachus, and I created Dolls for Daughters in December 2007 in memory of my daughter Kenzi Bachus.

Kenzi was stillborn January 23, 2007, when I was six months pregnant. During my pregnancy. I envisioned how wonderful it would be to have Bailey, our oldest daughter, and Kenzi playing together. They would have so much fun and Bailey was very excited to have a baby sister on the way. Christmastime is a favorite holiday of mine and during 2006, my husband and I discussed how in 2007 we would have double the number of baby dolls and toys under the Christmas tree.

Our dreams and hopes were shattered when I realized Kenzi was not moving and my worst fear was realized, Kenzi had died.

After giving birth to Kenzi and seeing how beautiful she was, I knew that she had changed me forever.

Kenzi looked just like her big sister Bailey even though she was so tiny.

As the holiday season approached, I was often reminded of my hopes and dreams for the year before and Kenzi would have been getting her first baby doll at Christmas. Rather than drowning in my grief, I decided to honor her and her memory in the best way that I could. I created Dolls for Daughters.

I knew I was fortunate enough to be able to buy new dolls for my daughters but as the holiday season approached, I realized other parents may not be able to.

Thus the beginning of my most rewarding holiday season ever.

With the love and support of family and friends, Dolls for Daughters was a HUGE success in 2007. Supporters of Dolls for Daughters helped me collect over 300 new baby dolls for four Denver charities that help provide services for families in need. In 2010, we collected more than 4,000 toys for boys and girls in Colorado.

Reese Spykerman

Reese Spykerman
Graphics Designer

I’m Reese, a designer with 12 years of experience who values usability and clear communication. My focuses include website design, interface design (web and device applications), print and ebook layouts, ancillary graphics, and logos.

Much of my work is typographically focused. The use of hierarchy, balance and contrast dictate design choices. Textures and patterns often define my visual style, but I am comfortable in a variety of style directions. The foundations of good design principles are more important than how the design is “decorated.”

My educational background is in magazine journalism, and I bring editorial experience into design strategy.

My ideal client has an astute understanding of their own business and its needs. Clients who understand their goals, their business growth trajectory and the current issues they face within their business are a good fit for my working style. I prefer to communicate in a straightforward manner and make the project scope, schedule, and mutual responsibilities detailed and clear.

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Katie Brewer

Katie Bradshaw

Hi! I’m Katie, a wedding and portrait photographer based out of beautiful Colorado. I have run my business out of the deepest part of my heart for the last six years and I absolutely love what I do! I’ve been fortunate that my love of photography has also coincided with my love of traveling, allowing me to shoot weddings all across the country and even international. There’s a compilation of events that happened throughout my childhood that have led me to where I am now. I also believe being a Leo & only child has given me my entrepreneurial traits, but there’s nothing like the utmost support and love from my family! I received my Associates Degree in Digital Photography in 2012 right after purchasing my first home. Best year of my life! My wonderful Mom is my second shooter and we have so much fun capturing weddings together. She’s also a killer seamstress & dress designer, I love trying new food, the color teal, laughing and living life to the fullest! You’ll often catch me in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, eating something with peanut butter, working out, dreaming big or cooking.

I love giving back to non-profit organizations! I was honored to be the recipient of the “2015 Volunteer of the Year Award”, from Dolls for Daughters. My work has been published in over 30 magazines and even more online blogs. I’m number 4 on the Denver A-List for Best Wedding Photographer. I also just received the Couples Choice Award for 2016 Top Rated wedding photographer on WeddingWire.

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Laura Bean

Laura Bean
Online Marketing & Webmaster

Hi! I’m Laura, an online marketing strategist and web developer, dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and educating them on the importance of unique marketing strategies that will help a business stand out in front of the competition.

I have a passion for helping professionals and small business propel their business forward and stand out online…  My services provide clients the freedom to conduct their business with the unwavering certainty that all of the “behind the scenes” functions are being handled professionally and with the same level of dedication and care devoted to their own pursuits.

Through the process of building my online marketing agency, I uncovered a passion for business development and entrepreneurship. Like many small business owners, I have come to appreciate the role that problem-solving plays in learning and growing from every situation. I draw from my practical experiences to assist clients as they go through similar struggles of starting and growing a business, encouraging them to look outside the box and brainstorm creative solutions for continued growth.

I strive to stay current in this ever-changing industry and to develop a deeper understanding of marketing trends, how consumers think, and how to invite customers to engage.

I believe that a strong marketing strategy incorporates a variety of marketing techniques and will provide successful results. I have built a talented team of experts in web development, graphic design, content writing, public relations, and print & digital marketing strategies.

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Julie Wilson
Development and Programs Director

I’m Julie Wilson, and I have over 9+ years in working with non-profits and my passion is supporting the work of mission led organizations. My work in the community and work ethnic are deeply influenced by my childhood and I have always been compelled to give back. I have been involved in a number of non-profits in Colorado, namely Denver CASA, The Ronald McDonald House, Hope Kids, and The Denver Rescue Mission. My background in philanthropy has been centered on charities that are affiliated with helping families and specifically children that are in need.  I have a variety of skills including event fundraising, working with major donors, corporate partnerships, individual giving, public relations, and marketing.  I am a graduate of Columbia College with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and my interests include traveling, trying new cuisine and spending time with family.

I am passionate about working for Dolls for Daughters because I believe in the importance of providing families with the resources they need to thrive to ensure that children in our community can flourish despite the odds stacked against them. We often underestimate the importance of a child receiving something new and something to call their own. Giving every child the opportunity to have a new backpack to start their school year off right and a new toy during the holidays to bring them cheer can make a world of difference for families. It is an honor to be able to work for Dolls for Daughters, not only because of the mission; but because of the respect and admiration I have for Jessica turning for something tragic that happened to her into something beautiful for the community in need.